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Training Bags Design&Preparation Course


Details and axes of the training diploma


Designing training bags is one of the most important training topics sought by training officials and professional trainers in their fields, as training in its modern concept is no longer dependent on the training material only. Modern professional training depends on a number of different tools that together constitute the training bag for the program, which includes all the equipment, tools and training materials designed for the success of the training process.

Training goals


Introduce participants to the concept of the training bag

To develop their knowledge and provide them with the basic skills that help them prepare the training bag according to the foundations of the training material represented in knowledge, skills and convictions

- Practice and actual practical application of all participants

The target groups to study in the training program


Professional trainers - teachers who want to hone their skills and experience

- Training officials and training managers in companies

Training center managers

Managers and supervisors who use training methods to qualify their employees

Training Bag Designers

Individuals wishing to qualify for these positions

The topics and training themes to be studied


The first axis: the concept of the training bag

The second axis: the importance of the training bag

The third axis: the stages of preparing the training bag

Fourth axis: design of the key bag

Fifth Axis: Training Course Design

The sixth axis: collecting references and sources

- The seventh axis: designing a training bag (practical activity)

What you will get by the end of your studies in the training diploma


Obtaining an electronic certificate from the International Academy of Development Sciences - IaDs

- The trainee gets the Power Point presentation for the diploma.

The name of the course as it will be written in the certificate issued by the Academy:


Training Bags Design & Preparation Course

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